Miradore Management Suite

Miradore Management Suite is specifically designed for managing diverse IT environments containing desktops, laptops, servers, and POS devices. In Management Suite, the management processes for different hardware and software platforms have been seamlessly integrated as one, unified management solution that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. When included in a customer’s processes, Miradore enables you to create automated workflows to send reports, fix problems, and build immediate value.


IT Asset Management​

Keep software versions up-to-date and stay secure

Miradore Management Suite provides you with reliable and accurate information on your IT assets, which enables you to run your IT operations successfully and make the right business decisions.

Software Deployment

Keep software versions up-to-date and stay secure

You can efficiently install, update, and remove software remotely and run any configuration changes to your devices. Manage tens of thousands of devices from a single web-based console.

Operating System Deployment

Fully automated OS Deployment

Install the new device 100% ready with the operating system, software, and patches in place.

Patch Management

Secure your Business

Management Suite’s Patch Management automates patch deployment of more than 110 software vendors and 1400+ software products.


Full view of devices

Miradore collects hundreds of inventory attributes about your devices, including changes that can be used for monitoring the health of your devices.

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