IT Asset Management

Running IT operations successfully and making the right business decisions relies on reliable 

and accurate information on your IT assets. Miradore Management Suite is an IT Asset Management tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Big Data for IT Asset Management

Miradore Management Suite discovers and collects hundreds of attributes including changes about your IT assets. You may collect any custom information remotely as well as manually assign and update any information needed for your operations.

Ensure efficient IT operations

The exact information on your IT assets is the fundamental basis for successful IT operations. Management Suite provides accurate information for all your teams and functions from an easy to use the web console.

Device lifecycle management

Plan your operations whether it’s about budgeting, procurement, or changes to the devices. Deploy new hardware and software and do the follow-up with ease. Maintain and control your IT assets in order to stay secure, and updated with the latest versions and configurations. Be prepared for replacing the IT assets securely when the lifecycle is at its end and ensure a smooth retiring and replacement process.

Integrate and automate

With the help of the Miradore API, you have access to the Big Data of your IT assets and you can automate your service management processes. Miradore includes ready-made connectors to the most common 3rd party tools.

Hardware Asset Management

Discovery and mapping

Miradore Management Suite automatically creates an asset register that includes information on device models, owners, and locations.

System information

Hundreds of inventory attributes are collected automatically from managed devices, including manufacturer warranty information and enriched asset information from 3rd party systems.

Purchase, warranty and costs tracking

Keep records of purchases, warranties, and costs. Manufacturer information can be imported automatically.

Asset status and lifecycle management

Manage assets from purchase to disposal through standardized lifecycle stages and workflows.

Contracts management

Assign lease or service contracts and device warranties to your assets, and get notified of expiring warranties or contracts.

Custom attributes

In addition to tracking asset user, location, and organization, you can create and assign custom attributes to your assets.

Asset labeling

Tag your devices with asset tags or barcode labels to enable quick and easy identification.

Monitoring and alerts

Automated monitoring for hundreds of hardware attributes. Get notified before a disk runs out of space or if the server heats up.

Software Asset Management


The light-weighted and seamless Miradore client discovers your software automatically and keeps the inventories always up-to-date.


The discovered software is automatically normalized to software titles with the help of our Software Catalog containing 400,000+ titles. Normalization includes information on license requirements and whether the software is part of a Suite.

License entitlements

Add your purchased software licenses to Miradore Management Suite and let Miradore entitle the licenses to machines or people.


Miradore automatically measures the runtime, active usage time, and the start count of monitored software.


With the help of software metering and reliable up-to-date reports, you can optimize your software assets. Reallocate licenses, identify unused licenses, and remove installations remotely and silently.

Compliance control

Identify and remove non-allowed or outdated software, and deny installations to avoid license breaches.

Install, remove, and update software

You may install, remove, and update any software to your machines. Choose from many methods such as one-by-one deployment, group distribution, or enabling the user self-service portal.

Request management

Enable the Management Suite Self-Service Portal and let users’ install software. You may include the approval requirement process before the software can be installed.

Discover more

IT Asset Management Datasheet
Demo: IT Asset Management

Software Asset Management Datasheet
Demo: Software Asset Management
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Discover more

IT Asset Management Datasheet
Demo: IT Asset Management

Demo: Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management Datasheet
Pricing and All Feature